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My name's Patryk - I'm a software developer who finds joy in throwing algorithms at problems and observing what happens; here you can read about my adventures.

Newest stuff

  • wait, why (??) - part 2

    Surprising corners of Rust
    (video; 19.10.2023, Rust Wrocław)
  • (r)IDE on a (t)IDE with my IDE

    Why Emacs + Rust?
    (video; 22.06.2023, Rust Wrocław)
  • wait, why (??) - part 1

    Surprising corners of Rust
    (video; 13.04.2023, Rust Wrocław)
  • Doomé

    What we didn’t know we didn’t know
    (video, game, code; 01.12.2022, Rust Wrocław)

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